We always give priority to the quality of the best for each of our products


The best services to customers is a necessity.


Besides products the quality of we always admit technology into any product

About Us

Product INNOVATIONS, TECHNOLOGIES and SOLUTIONS of SMART METER INDONESIA have made us as a trusted partner of the state electronic company PT. PLN Indonesia (Persero) since 2005. We have built a strong reputation in providing good quality products through years of experience and solid track record.

Our product have been spread throughout Indonesia and more than 23 million units were installed. SMART METER INDONESIA continues to provide innovative products, leading technologies and solutions for our customers and prioritize customers satisfaction.

Advancement is our determination and confidence as we look toward the upcoming OPPORTUNITIES. We are ready to face greater exposure and attest our potential.


  • Becoming a market leader in designing and producing ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT by applying APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY that ensures customer satisfaction through I NNOVATIVE and most RESPONSIBLE products.


  • Developing market-leading products by enhancing technologies and qualities.
  • Generate a well-balanced supply chain.
  • Establish good relations and cooperation among every stakeholder by means of integrity and trust.
  • Delivering value added to customers by providing services in the form of product repair and maintenance.

Our Products


SMI-810 V3

SPLN D3.009-1: 2020


SMI-810 V2

SPLN D3.009-1: 2010



SPLN D3.005-1:2008



SPLN D3.009-1:2010